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Getting Started Guide
Site Management
Email Management
  1. You can access cPanel control panel from http://www.your domain name.com/cpanel (replace "your domain name.com" with your actual domain name. User name and password for cPanel/FTP sent to billing address in our records. Please check message with subject line starting with - "Welcome message - Shared Hosting/Linux - New Account Information".)
  2. How to upload your website content using FTP software?
  3. Be sure you are uploading web page files, including index.html & images etc., into the public_html folder.
  4. How to use cPanel File Manager to upload and manage website content?
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  1. How to create a email account using cPanel control panel?
  2. How to use Outlook Express to pick up email account messages?
  3. You can check your email account messages online using WebMail. You can access WebMail from http://www.your domain name.com/webmail (replace "your domain name.com" with your actual domain name. User name to gain access to WebMail will be full email address - including @ and domain name )
  4. How to Check Mail Using Web Mail?
  5. How to setup E-mail Forwarders?
  6. More cPanel Tutorials on Mail Management...
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