Testimonials: Web Hosting Services Delhi

Our number one objective is customer satisfaction. To achieve this objective we never hesitate doing extra or giving additional services to our customers.

Our customers are very satisfied with the services & support we provide and that is the reason our renewal rates are higher than the industry standards. Below you can read customer testimonials submitted by our customers to us or on websites/blog/forums :

Rating : Excellent!
Feedback : I liked their live support and fast ticket support. My site is also working fast after switch from my old hosting company. Fast site working, fast reply to support issue! Good Dinsol!

Naina Awasthi (New Delhi, India)

Rating : Excellent!
Feedback : Our site problem resolved quickly. We are very happy, as we have a presentation tomorrow with our potential customers. We realized that that site is having issue due to some coding error but your technical staff resolved the issue doing exact settings. Now we are confident about our meeting and really thankful to Dinsol!

Anmol Kaushik (Perth, Australia)

Rating : Very good!
Feedback : Your technical support people resolved my website issue within few hours of submitting ticket. I am very glad that I found Dinsol services to host my website based on Joomla cms. Not all hosting provider offer Joomla CMS support as per my reach previously. Good work done!

Sonia B. (USA)

Rating : Excellent!
Feedback : One of my friend referred Dinsol site to me. I purchased a hosting package with them and am happy with the support services they provide. Prices are very economical also.

Emily Joseph ( Bangalore, India)

Rating : Excellent!
Feedback : I started in 2007 and hosted my site with Dinsol. Actually, I was looking for a company who can offer me customized service plan and after discussing dinsol, I signed up as their prices were competitive. After putting my site online, I had one or two issues which were resolved by their staff within 24hours. So, I found a good hosting company and am very happy..

Eric Gregory

Rating : Excellent!
Feedback :
Excellent services with very competitive rates.. would recommand A++++++

Tejal Thakkar (USA)

Rating : Very Very Nice!
Feedback : Currently hosting 7 websites with Dinsol under their Multiple hosting plan and most of the sites are running on php/mysql. 2 are blog sites and 1 is a small cms site. Server performance and uptime is good and cost wise Dinsol is very affordable. Infact, I was looking for such a host when I found their site. Keep up the good work...

Larry Brown (Sydney, Australia)

Rating : Excellent!
Feedback : I was checking for high technology service provider for my site which needed latest php and database script to run. I found your hosting company and signed up immediately to give it try. I am really happy with my decision and server you provider for my Big site. Support tickets were also handled in time.

Ananya Patel (AZ, USA)

Rating : Excellent!
Feedback : Really amazing services...
I highly recommend Dinsol.com services to other as they provide very good support and servers for hosting my sies!

Billy Paul (United Kingdom)

Rating : Very Good
Feedback : excellent hosting services provided by Dinsol
I am a webmaster and currently managing few websites of my interested and for few clients who pay me good amount to handle their issues. I was looking for a good host while I found Dinsol webiste url in Google search. Their site was ranked high by the Google and I checked all the plans they offer. After going through all the details carefully, there was no reason left not to try Dinsol. So, I ordered one plan and got my sign-up details within few hours of making payments. Currently, I am hosting my 25 sites with them and are very happy with the services they offer.

Homer Brisk (Tx/USA)

Thank you very much again for the great service. This made my day, my old host was not so nice. Excellent, i am pleased I found your site. Have great day!

Alex Matviychuk (WA/USA)

Rating : Excellent!
Feedback : The best thing about dinsol is the excellent support system, probably the best I have seen from any service provider. Thank you very much for your support.

Nitin Gupta (NOIDA/India)

Rating : Excellent!
Feedback : You have gone beyond the call of duty. You have been pleasant, professional, and very helpful as we ask many questions regarding our webpage. It is dificult to do a webpage while traveling and you have helped us succeed.

Nancy Gill (Hawaii,USA)

Rating : Excellent!
Feedback : Dear Dinsol, I found a solution for my problem quickly from Dinsol via MSN. Thanks a lot ! I'm a happy customer :)

Nuri Akman(Ankara / Turkey)

Rating : Excellent! : Don't think there is a better host out there!!!
Feedback : Hi There,
Just wanted to say that i have NEVER seen a better host than dinsol... And I have tried a lot... I was just about to buy hosting at another place, when I saw dinsol in a altavista.com search.. I saw their packagers, and had a few questions.. What do you do then..He he, you just open your ICQ, and then you have instant help !!! There are some really nice people sitting there, always helpfull, polite and friendly.. I talked with the guy/girl and then I bought reseller space instead of some smal packagers.. I must say, I have never seen a host that has so many modules installed, so many features we can use, so many.. . . I can only recommend Dinsol, they now have a customer for life, I just hope they live as long as me then ;-) Keep the way you are doing now, because you are doing more tham Excellent :-)

Bent Petersen (Roskilde/Denmark)


Rating : GREAT
Overall Average: 100% (Reliability/Uptime = 100%; Technical Support = 100%; Customer Service & Billing = 100%; Server & Network Speed = 100%; Price & Value for Money = 100%)

Krisna Kurniawan (Indonesia)